Founded as BV Entertainment in 2003 by filmmaker Kenneth J. Hall, the company has since taken on the name of its better-know label - The Fright Film Factory. 


Our mission statement is to produce high-quality entertainment for the home market, utilizing all forms contemporary media, while maintaining a retro, light-hearted approach to the horror genre.  We believe monsters, mutants, mutilation, murder, and more miscellaneous mayhem are topics not to be taken too seriously. 


Don't get us wrong.  There will be plenty of frights.  That's part of our name, after all.  We just want to reawaken that sense of fun that permeated the genre back in the 80s.  Whether you remember gathering on a Friday night with friends to watch the latest VHS release or are just discovering those films on DVD or streaming, YOU are our target audience!


Another thing that links to the 80s is our intention to do all creature, makeup, and gore effects practically with little or no CG enhancement.  This will be easier for us than it is for others since The Fright Film Factory's founder and president also owns Total Fabrication, an established character and creature effects facility that has been servicing the entertainment industry since 1995!


So, keep posted to this site for the latest from THE FRIGHT FILM FACTORY... and don't forget the popcorn!