BIO: Kenneth J. Hall



During this time, Mr. Hall began writing scripts, which led to his first screenplay assignment, THE TOMB. Working as associate producer on set, he held cue cards for the legendary John Carradine, hand-doubled for Cameron Mitchell, and hung grenades on Sybil Danning.


Then came EVIL SPAWN, which he also directed, and describes as a cross between SUNSET BOULEVARD and THE FLY.  This ultra-low-budget quickie starred Bobbie Bressee and (thanks to some "generic" footage provided by the producer) John Carradine again.


These efforts caught the attention of Charles Band at Empire Pictures (later to become Full Moon Productions). There, Mr. Hall created the original PUPPET MASTER, the first of Paramount’s successful direct-to-video series, along with other scripts for I WAS A TEENAGE SEX MUTANT (aka DR. ALIEN) and TEST TUBE TEENS FROM THE YEAR 2000, which starred Morgan Fairchild.


He developed GHOST WRITER, writing and directing the PG-rated syndicated television feature for Audrey and Judy Landers. Also during this period came THE GIRL I WANT and his brainchild, the cult video LINNEA QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT.


Mr. Hall returned to acting in Rusty Cundieff’s comedy, FEAR OF A BLACK HAT. The same director gave him the chance to combine his effects background with his directing as the Special Makeup and Visual Effects Supervisor/Effects Second Unit Director on TALES FROM THE HOOD, a Savoy Picture executive produced by Spike Lee.


In 1995, he formed his own effects company, Total Fabrication, where he’s created characters and creatures for Tv shows like STAR TREK VOYAGER, BIG BAD BEETLEBORGS, POWER RANGERS.  For features, he designed the title character for KRAA THE SEA MONSTER and the infamous killer snowman film, JACK FROST, sculpted the masks for THE STRANGERS, and built the Ripper puppet for Wes Craven's MY SOUL TO TAKE. He received an Emmy™ nomination for costuming on the Nickelodeon kids show, YO GABBA GABBA. During all this, he wrote the original script for the horror film, THE CLOWN AT MIDNIGHT, starring Christopher Plummer and Margot Kidder.


He resumed his career in independent production starting BV Entertainment. The company's first project is a horror feature, THE HALFWAY HOUSE, starring Mary Woronov, written and directed by Mr. Hall. The movie was released all over the world on DVD and played on the Showtime Cable Network. This marked the first title released under The Fright Film Factory label. Most recently, he wrote and directed a short thriller, NIGHT VISIT, which played the festival circuit.


With the recent DVD release of LINNE QUIGLEY’S HORROR WORKOUT, Mr. Hall is committed to The Fright Film Factory producing new entertainment that recaptures the fun found in horror/sci-fi movies of the 80s.

Kenneth J. Hall has been a film industry professional for over 30 years, working as a producer, director, writer, actor, designer, and creature fx artist.


Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. Hall spent his early years watching horror movies and acting in school theater. As a teenager, he wrote and produced live shows at the local planetarium, designed animatronic characters for Sally Industries, and staged promotional events for Plitt Theaters.


He moved to Hollywood in 1982, where he first became established as a makeup effects artist, working on numerous features, including THE TERMINATOR, GREMLINS II, BATMAN RETURNS, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, and CONEHEADS. He was shop supervisor at Mechanical & Makeup Imageries. He has been responsible for the creation of many large movie creatures, among them the 16 foot star of Roger Corman’s CARNOSAUR and the octopus prop from Tim Burton’s ED WOOD.