Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout
Genre: Horror/Cult/Comedy
Rating: Unrated
TRT: 60 min.
Original Release: 1990
Label: Legacy Features
Format: DVD

Synopsis: Linnea Quigley, the reigning Queen of Scream in the 1980s, stars as herself. After talking about the highlights of her career and doing a solo workout, she takes a jog past an old graveyard and leads the walking dead in Zombicise. Later that night, she has few girlfriends over for a slumber party workout and massacre.

Writer/ Director Kenneth J. Hall (as Hal Kennedy) combines two unlikely genres in this wacky send-up of horror films and exercise videos. Originally produced in 1989, this video oddity went on to gain a cult status. Now on DVD for the first time, the initial release will be a Limited Edition of 1,000 units. It will contain a numbered 5X7 photo autographed by Linnea and Mr. Hall. The disc itself will feature a digitally remastered version of the original video, commentary track, cast and crew interviews, and more.

Limited Edition Release: April 12, 2013
General Release Date: TBA

Genre: Horrory
Rating: Unrated
TRT: 5 min.

Synopsis: To be attacked by a knife-wielding masked stranger in the dead of night could be a woman’s worst nightmare… or her darkest fantasy.  But which is it?  Both perception and reality are challenged in this taut contemporary thriller.

Lynn Lowry, from David Cronenberg’s SHIVERS, George Romero’s THE CRAZIES, and Paul Schrader’s CAT PEOPLE, delivers a chilling portrayal of a woman in fear for more than her life. 

Director/writer Kenneth J. Hall, creator of the PUPPET MASTER series and the critically acclaimed film THE HALFWAY HOUSE, presents this short essay in terror in the tradition of Hitchcock and Dario Argento.

Release Date: TBA

The Halfway House
Genre: Horror/Cult/Comedy
Rating: R & Unrated
TRT: 84 min.
Label: Ventura Select/ Skouras-Ventura
Format: DVD

Synopsis: Young girls are disappearing around the Mary Magdalen Halfway House for Troubled Girls. Desperate to find her sister, Larissa Morgan (Janet Tracy Keijser from House on Haunted Hill) goes undercover to investigate the Catholic-run institution. Once inside, she meets a nasty nun, a peculiar priest, a homicidal handyman, and lots of bad girls with attitude. Larissa endures catfights, corporal punishment, and long, hot showers before she learns the ultimate secret of the Halfway House – a huge, one-eyed monster with tentacles and a taste for female flesh! Cult Queen Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000, Rock N Roll High School, Eating Raoul) stars as Sister Cecelia. Writer/ Director Kenneth J. Hall (creator of the Puppet Master series) combines elements from 60s Lovecraft films, 70s women-in-prison exploitation, and 80s slasher flicks into one sexy and frighteningly funny film!

Street Date: August 23, 2005